Detroit Property Management in Michigan

Detroit Property Management, We manage property in Michigan

Detroit Property Management LLC, Our name says it all. Detroit Property and Management manage property in Michigan. Our commitment to securing your investment helped us become the leader in Metro Detroit Real Estate Investing and in Detroit Property Management. Detroit is ranked second in the top ten rental property markets in the nation. Now is the time to buy real estate and invest in Metro Detroit income properties.

The fastest growing small to mid-size MULTI-FAMILY, property management company in Michigan with over 1000 properties under contract. Detroit Property and Management LLC has been serving Michigan helping our property management customers reach their goals.

Detroit Property and Management LLC has a proven and dedicated marketing staff that will get your property rented and performing as quickly as possible.Whether you are a client or a tenant we treat you like family. Detroit Property and Management LLC is dedicated to continuing leadership in the property management investement. With over 10 years in business, we have developed and fine tuned our systems in order to provide our tenants with the best possible homes and our clients with the most innovative and complete management services available for your single-or multi-family investment properties. For quick answers, enter your name, e-mail address, phone number and inquiry type at the top of this or any page and we will contact you.

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Detroit Property Management has worked with investment funds and high net worth individuals in dealing with each stage of the investment process

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Detroit Property Management has built up a strong network of clients and professionals and is active in acquiring and disposing of properties on their behalf

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Detroit Property Management has experience in developing property in the USA: Assessment of development proposals, Negotiation of contracts

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