Dan Gilbert confirms Nike store in downtown Detroit

The new Nike Detroit Community Store will open at 1261 Woodward Ave. in downtown Detroit in the spring, according to Dan Gilbert.

Dan Gilbert this morning confirmed that a Nike store is opening in downtown Detroit.

22,000-square-foot Community Store expected to open in the spring

Gilbert, the founder and chairman of Detroit-based Quicken Loans Inc. and Rock Ventures LLC, said in a Twitter post Wednesday morning that Nike Detroit will open this spring in 22,000 square feet at 1261 Woodward Ave.

“Believe. Then see it,” he tweeted.
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US recovery drives demand for Detroit property


The US housing market continues its slow and steady recovery, as house prices rise and construction climbs. The improving conditions helped to drive demand for property in Detroit last month, with tenanted homes in the city attracting some of the most enquiries on
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Why These 5 Investors Are Interested in Detroit?

Why These 5 Investors Are Interested in Detroit

Detroit, Michigan was once a manufacturing mecca, a city where industry and production combined with a rich culture all built around the automotive industry. Recent years have shown a downward trend into citywide chapter 9 bankruptcy, and the perception of Detroit has become one of a dangerous ghost town. The reality is, it’s a city waiting to make a comeback; a city of rich history and great potential, and it’s something many people are beginning to recognize.
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User Experience Groups in Metro Detroit


When I attended my first Internet User Experience conference in Ann Arbor in the mid-2000’s, I knew I wanted to get involved with local user experience groups.

The people I met at the conference were doing all the things I found fascinating about the web: user research, usability testing, and information architecture. I wanted to learn more!

It was easy to find out what user experience groups were in the area. I askedDave Mitropoulos-Rundus, coordinator for the conference, co-founder and then-president of Michigan Usability Professionals’ Association (UPA), now known as Michigan User Experience Professionals.

There weren’t a lot of active local UX groups in the mid-2000’s. Michigan UPA was organizing the majority of the UX events happening in Ann Arbor, metro , as well as other events around the state.

Fast forward to 2014.

I’ve seen incredible growth in the number of metro Detroit UX groups in the past few years. The new groups held meetups, book clubs, and brought brand new events to the area, including:

I’m amazed at all the new people I meet at UX events in the area.

At our Detroit User Experience group happy hour last night, one of our new members asked:

Deborah, I want to attend more user experience events. How do I find out about UX groups and their meetups?

Music to my ears.

I love sharing information about local UX groups! If you’re also looking for UX groups in the metro Detroit area, here are the ones I know about.

Detroit User Experience

Founded in early 2013 by Jodi Bollaert, Detroit User Experience (UX) has grown from the first book club meeting of five people (I was one of them!) to almost 300 members. I joined the group as co-organizer in mid-2013.

The Detroit UX group is for people working in a UX-related profession (or wannabe) who would like to meet like-minded folk to network, share ideas, present, learn, vent (a little), discuss good books, and more.

We meet at various locations in Detroit and the suburbs. We’ve held networking events, book club meetings, held the first World Usability Day Detroit, hostedRosenfeld Media full-day UX webinar, partnered with Vitamin T for Digital Detroit Rendezvous events, and held an accessibility awareness day panel of web professionals.

Ladies that UX Detroit

Formerly Detroit Women of Design & UX, the new Ladies that UX Detroit group aims to bring together brilliant and creative women* in the design and UX fields of southeast Michigan who want to build and leverage a network of like-minded ladies.

Through organizing events and providing a central place for connection, they hope to foster an atmosphere of learning, mentorship, and support.
Ladies that UX Detroit is an inclusive group; if you identify as a woman, and you’re involved in the UX, tech, and design fields, you’re welcome to participate.

I was glad to hear my friend Emily Bowman, who recently returned to the Detroit area, will take on leadership of the group. I can’t wait to hear about their future events and activities.

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Detroit Property Management has worked with investment funds and high net worth individuals in dealing with each stage of the investment process

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Detroit Property Management has built up a strong network of clients and professionals and is active in acquiring and disposing of properties on their behalf

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Detroit Property Management has experience in developing property in the USA: Assessment of development proposals, Negotiation of contracts

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