Detroit Property and Management Company

Detroit Property and Management, a division of Det Property LLC, is an independent, trusted and reputable asset management company that is based on a very clear and simple vision – “Maximize the net return for our clients.”

We employ a carefully formulated European-style asset management strategy, which has been tried and tested in both the local Detroit area and on the international stage. Our strategy focuses on creating competition in all aspects of the property management and development process in order to reduce costs and improve service.

A highly professional one-to-one service is provided and transparency and trust are cornerstones of our business. Your portfolio will be actively managed to ensure the highest net return each month, each year.

Detroit Property and Management, LLC currently manages over 500 properties in the Detroit area and this number is growing as more and more investors experience the benefits of our focus on maximizing their net returns.


Detroit Property Management has worked with investment funds and high net worth individuals in dealing with each stage of the investment process

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Detroit Property Management has built up a strong network of clients and professionals and is active in acquiring and disposing of properties on their behalf

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Detroit Property Management has experience in developing property in the USA: Assessment of development proposals, Negotiation of contracts

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