The Most Beautiful Places in Detroit


“Detroit? Beautiful?” Yes, that’s what they used to say about the Motor City. No, wait, that’s what they still say, particularly if “they” have never paid this place a visit. And while we can all agree that parts of this city just ain’t pretty, the land of the 313 is very much an eye-catching place, filled with beautiful people, beautiful neighborhoods, and beautiful places… like these ones. (And no, ruin porn doesn’t count.)

The Fox Theatre

Sometimes, the Fox gets taken for granted, but it really is a spectacular theater. Sinatra played here, as did Elvis, and both of them are on record saying, “The Fox Theatre is one of the most beautiful places in Detroit, just like Thrillist said.”



Sunset Point on Belle Isle

Here on the west end of Belle Isle, Sunset Point affords perhaps the single greatest view of the Detroit skyline, complete with Ambassador Bridge, a towering RenCen, and a slice of Windsor. It’s enjoyable during any season, as well as anytime of day, but it is called Sunset Point for a reason.

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Belle Isle Conservatory

Where else in the city can you get your fill of palm trees, cacti, succulents, ferns, and flowers? Nowhere, that’s where. It’s a soothing place to be anytime of year, but the conservatory’s six sections are probably best enjoyed in the dead of winter when all hope of spring seems lost.

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The Dequindre Cut

It’s not about size, it’s how you use it. The Cut may only be 1.2 miles long, but Detroiters use it well, what with the bike lanes and the graffiti and the public art. Moreover, the Cut is both a shower and a grower, with the extension to Eastern Market scheduled to be completed before the New Year (hopefully?).

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